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Annak ti Villasis of Canada

Newsletter Spring 2008

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The Annak Ti Villasis of Canada

48 Peelton Heights Road, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 2J2






The Annak Ti Villasis of Canada marks a milestone this year – it is the association’s 15th year anniversary!


To simply say that this is a milestone is an understatement.  The longevity of our association is credited to each and every one of you – the Officers and Members of the association.  We should all be proud of ourselves for this accomplishment.


The association has stood firmly and strongly based on our objective and purpose as an association – which is to create and foster a spirit of understanding and cooperation among Villasinians of Canada and to take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community.


Congratulations and thank you for all your contributions – great and small – in the success of our association!


2008 Activities includes the following:


  • April 13, Sunday, Casino Rama Fundraising


Pick-up locations: Mississauga Square One by Tim Hortons at 9:00 am and at Scarborough Town Centre in front of the theatre at 9:45 am


Please call Cristy at 905-454-2612 or Lily at 905-870-7742 or Cherry at 416-332-0748 to book your seat.              

  • July 5, Saturday, Annual Picnic and Election – Mississauga Valley Park Covered Area “A

Come and join us for our annual picnic.  This is a wonderful time to come and meet your town mates and at the same time, enjoy lots of Filipino food from BBQ, lechon, laing, pinakbet, pancit and the ever famous halo-halo.


Our town mates from Puelay are in charge of BBQ this year.  Cristy Pe Benito has been designated as the coordinator for Puelay members.  Our Barraca town mates did a wonderful job last year in providing us a wide variety of BBQ foods!


As this is an election year, we will have the election for the new set of officers 2008 - 2010 immediately after lunch.


A T-shirt commemorating our 15th year anniversary will be distributed to Members who are present during the picnic. 


Here are some photos taken during the picnic:


Capturing the fun and jovial spirit shared during the Annak Ti Villasis of Canada picnic.



BBQ, BBQ and more BBQ!



The young and the young-once at play!


  • October 18, Saturday, Annual Dinner and Dance – Korean Cultural Centre, 1133 Leslie Street, Toronto


During our annual Dinner and Dance, we will be celebrating the coronation of our Miss Annak Ti Villasis of Canada 2008.  Who could this be???


The search for the Miss Annak Ti Villasis of Canada 2008 is now underway and every parent with a qualified daughter should be getting excited about this event.  We do encourage you to come and be involved in the association’s activities.


We are also open for a possible Mrs. Annak Ti Villasis of Canada, so if you are interested please contact anyone of the following: Cristy at 905-454-2612 or Lily at 905-870-7742 or Dario at 416-934-9729 or Benjie at 416-696-6133 for further information.


The oath taking of the newly elected set of officers will also take place.


A souvenir fan (pamaypay) - as a token of appreciation – will be given out at the party.  Be there on October 18th and you will surely get one!


Some photos taken during the coronation of Victoria Abigail Boult as Miss Annak Ti Villasis of Canada 2007:



Victoria Abigail Boult – Miss Annak Ti Villasis of Canada 2007 is the daughter of Ella Corpuz Boult and David Boult.



A group shot of some of the Officers and Members of the Annak Ti Villasis of Canada taken in October 2007.

Annak ti Villasis of Canada * 48 Peelton Heights Rd Brampton * Ontario * Canada * L6Y 2J2